What is With This Dormant Site?

So, here's the deal: by day, I am a copywriter for a large entertainment company, where what I write sees the light of day and the eyes of the public about three months after I write it and not before it's been edited, watered down and stripped of all its raw energy and emotional appeal. That's why writing "Coffee with Jesus" is so refreshing. No one can edit it except those I ask to edit it. It's mine. It's anonymous. It's received fairly favorably.

But challenging and fun as it is, "Coffee with Jesus" is a short form vehicle, where it had better be light, tight and bright if it's going to have any effect at all. It leaves no room for rumination, exposition or exploration. And I enjoy that kind of writing and haven't practiced it in way too long.

Watch this space for rumination, exposition and exploration. 


So, Matthew Made Us Kill Our Crappy Old Site

Hurricane Matthew left us without power for a bit, and when power was restored, the ancient laptop what was our server didn't want to come back to life.


Our old site was an embarrassing relic of out-of-date designs and worst practices. "Hideous!" in the words of some. (Us.) "A pathetic example of all that is wrong in website design!" said others. (Again, us.) "Utter crap and the epitome of vomitous hideousness!" said even more. (Yeah, you guessed it.)

And not only that. The old site was a dream; a bunch of grandiose visions of things yet to be pretending as though they existed already. There's a big difference between "faith" and "pretending what isn't is." Time to get real and scale back.

So thanks to a hurricane we are embarking on this new thing, which might look dated in a year, but at least we tried.   

I know, right? Who hosts a well-trafficked site on this relic?

I know, right? Who hosts a well-trafficked site on this relic?